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NYc Elder Lawyer

NYc Elder Lawyer

NYc Elder Lawyer

Are you searching for a New York Elder Lawyer? An Elder Lawyer New York provides New Yorkers with services that bother on age and disability. Their primary focus lies on legal issues which affect old men and women as well as disabled persons of all ages. They will provide you and your loved ones with comfort in the times of need, while following due legal procedures in helping you enjoy the benefits of old-age enshrined in the constitution. As an elderly or disabled person, or having a relative in that condition, why not contact a New York Elder Lawyer today?

An NYc Elder Lawyer will provide you with insight, and help you go through tough times. They are commited to you, helping you alleviate the problems associated with old age.

Such problems which actually are the Elder Lawyers’ main areas of specialization include:

Real estate planning,

Medicare and Medicaid,


Social security,

Amongst others.

As the population of senior citizens grew within the country, there arose with it a growing need and concern to see this set of people being protected by the constitution. Elderly people–due to their age–may become weak and incapable of caring for their own selves; and therefore to avoid ill-treatment, the constitution created an Act to protect them. This Act is known as the Older Americans Act (OAA).

Elder Law started as a result of this Act. Elder Lawyers are professionals who have formal training and expertise in giving legal advice and finding legal solutions to problems that arise with age.

But this Law is affected by individual State Laws. For instance, the specifications for Medicare rights and benefits differ across different states, and hence the need for you to hire a New York Elder Lawyer into your service if you’re indeed living in New York.

In what ways will the New York Elder Lawyer be of help?

The Elder Lawyer will help you and/or your loved ones in the following ways:


– There are several aspects of a Medicare plan, each covering different benefits. The NYc Elder Lawyer who has vast and indept knowledge in this area, will help you in applying and ensuring you are entitled to your benefits.

The Medicaid plan is quite different from Medicare, and is for low income earners and those with disabilities. The Elder Lawyer will help you plan, legally position your assets and income, to ensure you qualify for Medicaid if you’re a low-income earner.

Social Security

– The current retirement age to qualify for social security is 67. Often times, complications may arise due to you suddenly developing disabilities. It is the Elder Lawyer who will help ensure your due benefits get to you.

Will and Estate Planning

– The New York City Elder Lawyer will give you advice or may even help you draft your will with durable power of attorney, and as well make preparations on the distribution of your estate and assets at the event of death.

Long-term Care

– As you get older, you might worry about your health status and who will care for you when you become feeble and incapacitated. While family and loved ones may be helpful, they may also not be readily available. Your last resort is seeking the professional help of an NYc Elder Lawyer to help plan for and locate a Long-term care facility for you such as a nursing home.

Fraud & Elder Abuse

– Old people are occasionally discriminated against. This is quite unfortunate and inhuman. Also, the benefits entitled to you might not be forthcoming due to someone else (or even the Medicare company) siphoning the money from the government.
To guard against this, it’s recommended you hire an Elder Lawyer in New York.

Grandparents visitation rights

– It’s not uncommon to see families not getting along, and the grandparents and grandchildren bear the brunt of the estrangement. Grandparents may even be forbidden by law to see the grandchildren.

But there may come a later time when you’d need a reunion with your grandchild or grandparent. As each state has it’s own laws as regards grandparents visitation rights, you’d need a New York Elder Lawyer to help you walk through this difficulty.

Therefore, contact a reliable New York Elder Lawyer today!